Student Applause

Join the winning team "Get the edge"

I put a lot of research in the area of firearm instructors and on paper, Gabriel looked to be the best. In reality, in person and in presentation, he exceeded my expectations! His ability to deliver the message both amicably and appropriately firm, was exceptionally handled and received. He is a fantastic teacher with a well-honed skill of enduring his students understand the message as a result of this experience I would highly recommend his services without hesitation.

Steve Hyatt

Point Blank Martial Arts

Garbiel, your level of expertise, professional approach, and the right amount of humour is what made a course that would otherwise be dry, very exciting and engaging. I really enjoyed handling various firearms and this course gave me the confidence I need to go out and apply the skills on my own. For someone who has never handled a firearm before, this was A++. Thanks a a million! 

Val Eren

Break Point Tennis

Gabriel, just wanted to thank you, the course was way above my expectations and we all had an amazing experience. I just wanted to say thanks and I will be looking into booking some corporate events along with some personal sessions to learn how to handle the firearms and hopefully be half as good as you one day

Steven F

​My daughter and I took the non-restricted and restricted firearms safety course through Ronin sports with Gabriel. I am so happy we chose this instructor because he had such fantastic ability to engage us In a way that brought life to the material and was very comprehensive. Not only did he teach us what we needed to know, but expanded our knowledge and awareness. His teaching methods made it easy to remember the essential and critical information so that I walked away feeling very confident and knowledgeable about non-restricted and restricted firearms. I look forward to taking more courses; and would highly recommend this program for anyone interested in recreational sport or professional use of any firearm.

Tammy Martin

I recently took the CFSC & CRFSC with Ronin Sports, and Gabriel was my instructor, and I have nothing but amazing things to say about this course! I went into this course with little to no knowledge of firearms, and how to operate one. By the end of the 2 days, I was successfully able to complete the exams with complete confidence. Gabriel is extremely knowledgeable, and very interactive with his students, made the learning experience much more enjoyable & easier to remember. You’ll receive ample amounts of hands on experience, which if you’re like me, will make learning it all a heck of a lot easier!! ​All in all, I would give this course 10/10. Looking forward to taking his future classes!

Christine S.D.

I just wanted to mention how impressed I was with the training. With wanting us to learn about and acquire skills for hunting I was a bit apprehensive about introducing my son to it as safety as a parent was a concern. Wow, realized early on that this was the best opportunity he would have to completely comprehend the importance of safety and the tremendous responsibility I wanted him to understand about. The values and techniques to ensure this, is something that will now last a lifetime for both of us. We will constantly be following these lessons learned because of your expertise and delivery of your training. I now have no concerns that I will have to somehow impress upon him this importance, I will just need to continue to extend what you taught as normal procedures. Thanks again Gabriel!

Sam S