Authorization To Carry (ATC): Re-Qualification Current (Current ATC holder)

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Authorization to Carry (ATC) re-qualification for current (ATC) holders.

An Authorization to Carry [ATC] is a permit issued by the government of Canada under the Canadian Firearms Act. An ATC allows an individual to lawfully possess a restricted firearm for the purposes of lawful employment where the individual’s principal activity is the handling, transportation or protection of cash, negotiable instruments or other goods of substantial value, and firearms are required for the purpose of protecting his or her life or the lives of other individuals in the course of that handling, transportation or protection activity. Firearm Safety and the safe handling of firearms is a key component and stressed throughout the course.

The ATC re-qualification is for current armed security and cash in transit (CIT) personnel, that require there yearly ATC re-certification (re-Qualification). This is a 1/2 day course in accordance with the CFO’s ATC (Authorization to Carry) re-certification program.

The ATC course includes in class theory instruction and material updates instruction by a certified instructor, as well as class discussion and current hands on practical training. After classroom portion completion there is a written examination with requires a mandatory 90% pass. The practical portion is a industry standard shooting re-qualification on the range in a combination of dry practice, live fire drills, scenarios and discussion.

At the completion of the refresher and upgrade course each candidate is expected to pass the CFO written test and standard Pistol Course of Fire. A valid RPAL required.

Private group course for companies available, minimum participants required. 

Note: Approved Semi-Automatic Firearm, ammunition (150+ rounds), * Min Level II holster and 2 mag pouch required.

Rental of equipment and purchase of ammunition available upon request.

Please contact us for further details, thank you.

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