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Pistol I

Practical Handgun Management- Designed for individuals who wish to improve their handgun skills for practical shooting and for those requiring to carry a handgun for employment. This course is taught from the basic fundamentals of marksmanship and emphasis is stressed on safety and the safe handling of handguns at all times.

Course Outline:

  • Mental discipline and survival mindset
  • Mechanics and fundamentals (Stance/Grip/Sight picture/Trigger management/Breathing/Follow Through
  • Dry Fire exercises
  • Holster Skills and manipulation
  • Two hand, dominant hand and support hand manipulation and shooting
  • Firearm manipulation during stoppages, Type one and Type Two malfunction
  • Barrier shooting, Shooting behind cover

Forms and I.D.:

  • Please have photo ID available (PAL/ DL)
  • Waiver form completed
  • Emergency contact information

Course Safety:

This is our number one concern when instructing. Our instructors have complete control of the range when instructing, and directions must be followed by participants to ensure the safety of everyone. RS reserves the right to remove a participant(s) from course who is determined to be a risk to safety. If you observe any unsafe actions, or feel uncomfortable conducting any of the drills or shooting exercises,

Required equipment:

Shooter must bring the following items: Hearing protection, eye protection, centerfire semi-automatic pistol or double action revolver (rentals available), commercial handgun ammunition (250 rounds min.), water, lunch, clothes for inclement weather, closed toe footwear. Long sleeved shirt and long pants are highly recommended.

Dress and Equipment con’t

The dress for this course is what is comfortable for you. The training will be on the range no matter what the weather is like, so dress according to the weather. We will be outside 8-10 hours depending on range applications. Conditions can include dust, mud, rain, snow, wind and extremes of temperature (No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing). Dress should be appropriate to weather conditions.

Recommended clothing is listed below:

  • Hiking style boots
  • Shooting gloves
  • Heavier pants
  • Knee pads (optional)
  • Rain wear
  • Cold weather clothing
  • Cap or Toque
  • Hat (for sun protection)
  • Water bottle
  • Day pack Equipment need while on course:
  • Pistol or Revolver- Centerfire
  • 3 magazines for semi-auto pistols or a minimum of 2 speed loaders/moon clips for revolver.
  • Magazine pouches x2
  • Suitable pistol belt and holster- (no cross-draw, drop-leg, shoulder holsters, or Serpa-style holsters)
  • 250-500 rds of ammunition • Writing material (pencil, pens & paper)
  • Cleaning supplies for your firearms
  • Hearing protection (electronic is preferable)
  • Eye protection
  • Dump pouch for mags

Disclaimer: Pistols to be used on this course should be in their original unmodified form as supplied by the manufacturer. Modified pistols to be accepted at the discretion of the training staff. Please contact us before attending course with a modified/upgraded pistol. RMR/mounted red dots notwithstanding.


250 rounds of ammunition can be provided at market value for the required caliber. Currently for 9mm Luger, 40S&W, 45ACP or 38Spl. For all other calibers please inquire.

Pistol rentals available during the course at a cost (9mm and 45ACP available, Glock, 1911, P320)

*Note: Only commercial ammunition is to be used in rented pistols. You may bring your own commercial ammunition or it will be provided at the costs indicated above.

Meals and Accommodations:

Meals and accommodations will be the responsibility of the participant(s). We recommend that you bring something for lunch/ snacks/ hydration each day, as there are no food facilities on site.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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