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Real Avid Prime-9 is a complete gun cleaning and gun detailing kit for 9mm handguns. This comprehensive set features selection of bore cleaning tools, exterior scrubbing brushes and detailing gunk and grime removal tools. Contained in a slimline, ultra-compact, butterfly-open case, this set is easy to store or take along. Efficiently organized, allows you to efficiently employ it on your workbench or in the field, on the range. Its a perfect gun cleaning kit for new gun owners, conceal-carry owners who travel, avid range shooters or competitive shooters.image

Specifications for Real Avid Prime-9 9mm Handgun Cleaning Kit:

Features of Real Avid Prime-9 Handgun Cleaning Kit 9mm 

  • COMPREHENSIVE SET OF BORE CLEANING TOOLS: this set gives you options. No matter of what type of bore solvent you use, you will have a brush of right material.
  • HANDGUN DETAILING TOOLS: more than basics tools. Prime-9 includes unique detailing brushes and picks to reach inside the action and to effortlessly clean slide grooves. Those purposely contoured brushes and non-marring picks and scrapers facilitate cleaning hard-to reach areas and fit common handgun components.
  • ORGANIZED, EASY-ACCESS CASE: Unique, butterfly-open case. All tools and gun cleaning supplies are well organized to help you streamline your work. Tools snap securely in place, yet remain easily accessible in the intentionally designed, functional box. No loose, lost or misplaced parts. No more pinching your fingers on sharp bristles.
  • SLIMLINE, PORTABLE: Extremely compact, lightweight, portable case. Fits in a small range bag, pistol case or backpack pocket. For those who carry and travel: take this comprehensive, yet small kit everywhere you take your sidearm with.

Package Contents:

  • Real Avid Prime-9 9mm Handgun Cleaning Kit
  • One piece cleaning rod with ergonomic t-handle
  • Nylon slotted tip
  • Phosphor bronze and nylon 9mm bore brush
  • Absorbent bore mop
  • 9mm nylon jag to use with a patch
  • Set of absorbent bore cleaning patches
  • 2 detailing brushes: angled stiff phosphor bronze bristles and straight soft nylon bristles
  • 2 detailing non-marring resin picks: straight pick and hook-shaped pick
  • Light compact butterfly-open organizer case with built-in patch holder
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